[NBLUG/talk] Debugging Linux hangs...

Robert P. Thille list-nblug-talk at rangat.org
Mon Apr 23 15:19:43 PDT 2007

I've got a new box I'm trying to setup as my main server:
VIA EPIA EN-15000G Mini-ITX board 1GB RAM in a 1U case (Travla 146)

Memtest86 runs for days without an issue.

Various Distributions failed to recognize hardware or would only run X 
at lower resolutions.

Fedora Core 6 worked, recognized all the hardware (video card & 
monitor), but will hang after a few hours or days.

Booting with the serial console doesn't give me any output when the 
system hangs.

Booting to init level 3 and doing all the graphical stuff via VNC from 
another machine allows the system to stay up longer on average, but it 
still hangs within a week...

I'm running the latest kernel available via the yum updates for FC6. 

Any ideas for things I can try?  A friend suggested swapping power 
supplies, but I really doubt that's it, and I don't have a spare one 
handy.  Anyone want to loan me an ATX powersupply? :-)

Currently I've got it booted NetBSD from another disk and so far it's 
stable without X, but trying to 'startx' kills it.

Anyone else running an EPIA C3/C7 system with linux and happy with it?



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