About the 2 macs and 1 linux on a LAN

E Frank Ball frankb at efball.com
Sun Jul 16 11:41:59 PDT 2000

} More information on the Kensington ethernet card:
} EtheR VP 10/100Base-TX
} PCI Fast ethernet Adapter
} Model  KNE110TX
} Part no.  4460071-001.B00
}      Type LINUXCONF
}     On kernal module,
}          choose "tulip" for kne110tx
} (for the ne module you need to specify an I/O/ address and IRQ for the card to
} work properly)
} I wonder if it could be that I did not need to specify an I/O address, and IRQ
} and might haf done so in errot.

The "ne" card is an EISA card, those need to have addresses and IRQs
specified because EISA cards cannot be autoprobed.  PCI cards autoprobe,
thats one of the nice features of PCI (another is speed, another is IRQ
shareing so more stuff can be plugged in).

I wouldn't specify the IRQ or address for the tulip card.

   E Frank Ball                frankb at efball.com

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