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On 17 Jun 2002, error wrote:
> So I have been accepted to speak at DefCon this year and I wanted to do
> an informal survey of the nblug.
> How many of you are planning on attending DefCon X?

Me :-)  I have up to 6 people coming with me all pre-arranged. One person
is a member of nblug, and 2 other have been to installfests and a few
meetings while the rest are rather new to linux and mostl dont run it.
Most are driving down either on Thurs really early or Wed. later in the
evening. (After 10:00am) 

> How many of you read this and said no?

Not me - I read it, but did not say no. Of course I did just write
"no" but not as an answer to your question just a part of the answer to
your question. ]:>

> This year is going to be really interesting.

In what way? Previous years mostly have included the same speakers and
topics that are re-done over and over. There are some good speeches in the
Uber Hax0r track and sometimes in the Hax0r track, but every year I look
and say, "yep, saw that one last year or 3 years ago or whatever.." It
seems the best year was the first year I went.  Also, the tracks are
getting more and more mainstream - fewer people wearing black and tees
with kewl political statements, more suits. Fewer drinkers, fewer smokers.
More organized - less chaos. (Some advantages (fewer smokers and drinkers
while being more organized), some disadvantages (talks that include people
from "sales" groups/dept trying to sell products in a speech and hand out
glossy color fliers :-P blech! and fewer unexpected events to tell as
stories).) There are fewer pranks, but more clueless people. There seem
fewer people who are DoS-ers and think that is hacking/cracking but more
people who seem to be interrested in doing it if they only knew how.

Don't get me wrong, I still will be going and will still have fun and I
will still learn a lot, but the "newness" has worn off.

Perhaps you say that this year is going to be good because *you* are
speaking? ;-)  If So, I'll come watch your speech so long as it is not up
against Bruce's. What is your topic? (BTW, you have a lot more courage to
give a speech there than me! I might be willing to someday speak at
USENIX but probably won't speak at DefCon until after I *really* know a
lot of stuff.

> Anyone?


> Mark?
> ME?

Yeah! That is me. :-o

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