[NBLUG/talk] OS Alternatives.

Walter Hansen gandalf at sonic.net
Wed Sep 3 12:15:02 PDT 2003

    Looks like you've got some good answers, but this might be helpfull as
well. I installed win95 on a couple of p100s a year ago that didn't
have cd roms. I got a little 2.5 IDE adatpter at HSC for a couple
bucks and did the install using my desktop machine with the little
drive hooked up. It went fine. I installed everything I needed from
cdrom and then put the drive back in the laptops without a hitch. This
might work fine for you for a cdrom linux install. As to the ram
question, I'd go with what people recomend, xwindows being the big
factor. I'm not sure what version/flavor would be quickest on little

> I have a Dell Latitude XPi (Pentium 100) with 32 Megs of ram and a 2gig
> hard drive.  I tried to do a network install (no cdrom) of RH 9.0 and
> well it tries to intall but goes real real slow, when I switch the
> consol over to see what its doing its getting DMA time out errors when
> trying to access the drive..  So anyways...
> I made a windows 95 boot disk, booted up and formatted the drive just
> fine under windows.. So I am wondering if Linux doesn't like this laptop
>   =) Anyone have any experience with this?
> The main point of posting this is, I want to put a OS on this laptop
> that I can install with out a CDROM.  Anyone know of any small OS's that
>  support PCMCI and networking (TCP/IP)?  I would love to just put linux
> on it but my 2 attempts failed =/
> -Steve
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