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Jeremy Turner jeremy at linuxwebguy.com
Wed Sep 3 12:26:01 PDT 2003

On Wed, 2003-09-03 at 12:16, Walter Hansen wrote:
> I got a little 2.5 IDE adatpter at HSC for a couple
> bucks and did the install using my desktop machine with the little
> drive hooked up. It went fine.

Those adaptors are the coolest thing.  We used them at my former job. 
We also bought several USB hard drive caddies.  You plug in your 2.5"
drive into the caddy, and the caddy connects to the computer.  They work
with the USB mass storage driver under Linux.  You could do a debian
install onto one of those.  I read a way to install Debian onto a drive
with a current version of Linux with no CDs and no floppies. [1] You'd
be doing basically the same thing, but with a new drive.

With some versions of Windows (2k comes to mind), Windows will croak if
you install it on a certain hard drive controller and then move the
drive to a different hard drive controller.  It'll blue screen on boot. 
But with Linux, I don't think you will have that issue as long as you
use a kernel with the right drivers for the new machine.


[1] http://trilldev.sourceforge.net/files/remotedeb.html
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