[NBLUG/talk] XFree86 4.3 -- I'm trapped in an upgrade vortex!

Dave Sisley dsisley at arczip.com
Sat Sep 6 11:38:01 PDT 2003

On Sat, Sep 06, 2003 at 10:53:13AM -0700, Mark Street wrote:
> Sounds like you are up shit creek without a paddle......  


> Was the UPgrade to 
> XFree86 4.3 an RPM package upgrade or a source code upgrade?  IF it was 
> source you might need to back out of the RPM's that Red Hat installs first 
> and configure X yourself... (a learning experience).... all the files don't 
> go into the same place unfortunately.  Red Hat does some tricks of its own.
> Sounds like you have all kinds of XFree files from many different sources.... 
> back out, clean up and go from there... 

The upgrade was a source code upgrade, I think.  I used the method described in the XFree website:  download a dozen or so different files, then use their installer, an executable called XInstaller (or something).

> or go back to 4.2.1

Well, the reason I upgraded to 4.3 is that I used apt-get to upgrade from whatever I originally had to whatever most current form freshrpms had (I assume this was 4.2.1).  This broke the intel 845 driver I had to install over rh8 when I first put redhat on the machine.  I was unable to get a newer version of the driver to work, and one of the recommendations was to upgrade to XF4.3 which supposedly had better support for the intel 845 video controller.

> Since you are booting into runlevel 5 (GUI login)....
> *Did you check to see if gdm or kdm or xdm is installed?

running 'rpm -qi gdm, I see that I have gdm 2.4.0 installed
> Check out /etc/X11/prefdm and see how the display manager is called.  Heck 
> that may be the only problem.. not having a display manager.

I'm not too good at reading shell scripts like this, but from what I can tell, prefdm should be selecting gdm.

I would think that since I can get X to run by restarting it in init 3, there should be a way to get my X configuration to find gdm at boot, no?

Is there a way to remove all the older X stuff (& the new ones if necessary) and re-run the XInstaller?

Thanks for the help!


ps.  If it hasn't been posted already, I responded to augie's reply by copying an excerpt from /var/log/messages and the whole log created in /var/log/XFree86.0.log. 

My reply was snagged and is awaiting the ok of the moderator because of the size of the XFree log dump (sorry, that sounds scatalogical).

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