[NBLUG/talk] Evolution won't start! Perhaps the inbox got too big?

Lincoln Peters lincoln_peters at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 29 20:36:02 PDT 2003

I have found that Ximian Evolution will no longer start up on my computer 
(running RedHat 9).  I've tried every trick I know (kill all processed 
associated with evolution, delete summary and index files), to no avail.  
The only thing I can see that could be hanging it up is that somehow, the 
local/Inbox/mbox.ibex.index.data file has ballooned up to 2 gigabytes!

Having done some Google research, it seems that this problem (or one that 
looks very similar) affects almost any application running on a 32-bit 
architecture (which seems to cover every modern PC except the PowerMac G5).  
However, I can't seem to make sense out of most of it.  Anyone here know 
anything about it?


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