[NBLUG/talk] Evolution won't start! Perhaps the inbox got too big?

error error at sonic.net
Tue Sep 30 06:11:02 PDT 2003

On Tue, 2003-09-30 at 05:35, Lincoln Peters wrote:
> I have found that Ximian Evolution will no longer start up on my computer 
> (running RedHat 9).  I've tried every trick I know (kill all processed 
> associated with evolution, delete summary and index files), to no avail.  
> The only thing I can see that could be hanging it up is that somehow, the 
> local/Inbox/mbox.ibex.index.data file has ballooned up to 2 gigabytes!
> Having done some Google research, it seems that this problem (or one that 
> looks very similar) affects almost any application running on a 32-bit 
> architecture (which seems to cover every modern PC except the PowerMac G5).  
> However, I can't seem to make sense out of most of it.  Anyone here know 
> anything about it?

I have this problem with Evolution sometimes. 

Why do you need mbox.ibex.index.data ? What is this file used for?

Mine is never that large even when I have 8000 messages in one folder,
it's only 4.3 megs.

I find that if evolution can't start up, it's time to find out which
directory is clogged up, move it until evolution starts, then quit
evolution, move it back, run strace evoltion and see if it's actually
hanging out just taking forever.

Just suggestions.

error <error at sonic.net>

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