[NBLUG/talk] playing dvd's in debian stable

Andrew argonaut at gmx.co.uk
Mon Dec 11 14:39:08 PST 2006

Mr. Jan Hearthstone wrote on Mon, 11 Dec 2006 05:22:28 -0800

> I have been trying to play dvd's for about a couple of
> months now. I tried everything I could think of. I
> installed all kinds of programs that I thought would
> "do the trick".
> I searched the Internet. Found a lot of stuff, some
> good, some not. None worked.
> The drive (the only optical drive that I have) plays
> CD's OK.
> It seems that the player is installed?:
> truehome:~# dmesg | grep DVD
> truehome:~#

I just looked up the Plextor PX-230A. Sorry, Jan, but what
you've got there is a CD-RW drive, not a DVD drive. It won't
play DVDs. You'll have to get an actual DVD drive in order to be
able to read DVD disks. The good news is that with the Christmas
sales going on now, you can probably find one fairly cheap.
Install it and you should be able to play DVDs immediately.
(Well, you might have to set a symlink first. *Then* you can
play DVDs.)

Good luck.


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