[NBLUG/talk] 40 person yearbook roster photo catalog album; Is OpenOffice the answer?

Troy Arnold troy at zenux.net
Sun Dec 17 21:44:01 PST 2006

On Sun, Dec 17, 2006 at 08:28:34PM -0800, Nat W. wrote:
> I'm not sure of how to do it in Linux, but with the pdf printing in safari,
> if you go into page setup you can remove the header and footer, thus making
> it more like a document. I also imagine ruby has a write to pdf library, but
> I've never used it so I can not say.
> In terms of php though I don't think you can output to anything besides a
> webpage. I've never tried otherwise though. 


I like Eric's htmldoc suggestion, but I thought I'd throw FPDF out there

As for php outputting to something besides the web, realize that any
of these scripting languages can pretty easily use just about any command
line tool (like htmldoc) even if they don't have built in convenience
bindings.  And "web" languages like PHP can be run from the command line as
well, in a very similar manner to how you'd invoke Perl with
#!/usr/bin/perl.  Occasionally, I've even used php in cron scripts...

A web page is basically just a text file with a couple of headers sent
along to give the browser a hint as to how to render it.  If you can write
a text file out to a browser, you can just as easily (ok, nearly as easily)
write it out to a file, or pipe it through htmldoc in filter mode.


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