[NBLUG/talk] OT - 120v car adapter

Bob Blick bblick at sonic.net
Sat Dec 23 10:51:03 PST 2006

I have several different ones, but the one I use for my laptop is from 
Harbor Freight, it was on sale for $9, normally $19. An all-in-one unit 
like a fat cellphone charger, no cord, just plugs into the cigarette 
lighter socket and has one outlet on it. It is rated 60/100W and is 
adequate for most laptops unless what you have is one of those desktop 
replacements. It also powers my inkjet printer but not at the same time.

Cheerful regards,


Mark Street wrote:
> Sounds like good advice.
> Probably enough for the Stinkpad T60p for a couple hours at a time, it is 
> fairly efficient even on battery. 
> On Saturday December 23 2006 9:35 am, Tim Preston wrote:
>> FWIW Make sure to check the cable specs for the connection to the
>> battery. Cigarette lighters do not have large enough wire for running
>> any usable power inverters for any length of time. Read all directions,
>> safety first. YMMV

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