[NBLUG/talk] OT - 120v car adapter

Walter Hansen gandalf at sonic.net
Sat Dec 23 16:12:35 PST 2006

Mike Rice wrote:
> really OT. take it to noise if continuance is desired.
> I'm sure it exists somewhere. Would it be easier to find a 12vdc direct
> charger for the chair? and leave that in the van or attached to the
> chair? 
> Mike

I've thought of doing that, but haven't tried yet. I think I'd need 
about 30v as they all use a pair if 12v batteries. The thing is the 
chair seems to change alot. She currently has two chairs and a little 
scooter. I could probably make a little standard plug for all three and 
then run wires to plug into that. 120 was just the common ground they 
all spoke. Only one chair has an external charger. All the rest have 
internal units. I need to figure out the correct charing voltages.

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