North Bay Linux Users’ Group

#nblug IRC Channel

IRC is Internet Relay Chat, and is what people used to communicate with text and keyboards through the Internet in real-time before Telegram, Discord, and ICQ existed. It’s a standard protocol, so there are many client applications and networks to connect to.

The official NBLUG IRC channel is #nblug on the network Libera.Chat, where several members will often hang-out and generate idle-time. Many of the members will join this channel (room) and leave a session logged-in even when they are away from their computer. Occasionally, someone will check to see if anything has changed, and may choose to chat.

To connect to the channel you’ll need a client. The easiest way to get started is with Libera’s web client. Libera also has a guide on choosing a client.

If you join and say hello, only to find silence, try waiting around for a while and see if anyone else joins or responds.

For some pretty good documentation on getting help with IRC, check out IRCHelp for documentation and FAQs.