[NBLUG/talk] Quick note re: MythTV

Jeff Coffler jeff-list-nblug_talk at taltos.com
Tue May 2 09:32:02 PDT 2006

Hi Scott,

> Just thought I'd mention that MythTV can use firewire to a 
> suitably-equipped
> cable box in the Motorola DCT-6200 series (and perhaps others)...
> Myth can change the channel via firewire (both internally, and with an
> external program) -- and many channels are available for mpeg-2 capture,
> including some HDTV...
> The cable box will even hand you mpeg2 data for analog channels -- woot!
> ...
> One downside to this arrangement is setup -- there isn't any way to 
> specify
> with mythtv-setup that a given tuner supplies two capture methods.

So are you saying that, with a Motorola DCT-6200, you can get some channels 
via firewire, but not all channels?  I would have expected that only 
encrypted channels wouldn't be available via firewire, but all others would 

Is this not the case?

> Another downside is figuring out which channels are available over the
> firewire -- I have some ideas for how to scan them automatically, but 
> won't
> have a chance to figure that out until this weekend...

Please check if it's only encrypted channels that aren't available via 
firewire.  That's what the MythTV docs say (on page 12 for the version I 
have, discussing the Firewire output of the Motorola DCT6200 or the SA3250).

I've been thinking of moving in this direction, but want to know if I'll hit 
any snags ...

    -- Jeff 

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