[NBLUG/talk] Universities

Aaron Grattafiori nite at sonic.net
Wed May 3 21:28:53 PDT 2006

William Tracy wrote:

> Sorry, everybody, for not writing anything back sooner.
> I finally accepted Cal Poly, for those who are curious.
> I'm getting *really* sick of the general education classes at the JC.
> I wanna do more programming and fewer essays on The Politically
> Correct Topic of the Week. ;-) I have managed to get some coding in,
> though.
> Last summer I put together a computer algebra system applet
> (http://cas.dev.java.net) as an independent study project (BTW, if
> anyone needs quick access to graph mathematical functions, here it
> is!). This year I'm writing the control software for some Lego robots
> to enter into the MESA/Agilent competition, and I'm getting together a
> proposal for Google Summer of Code
> (http://wiki.java.net/bin/view/People/WilliamTracy -- wish me luck!).
> So, yeah, I have been programming. :-)
> BTW, this Sunday (Day Under the Oaks) we're organizing a robot fight
> in the SRJC cafeteria. Free admission for the public to watch, $5-$10
> to enter a robot. Come root for my team in the Lego sumo division.
> AFAIK, we're the only team using all Open Source software!
> Hit up http://www.santarosa.edu/about_srjc/day-under-the-oaks/ for info.
> William

Thats cool! I wanted to be part of the robotics team/club... But I have
math during the meeting times, and little free time to spend on stuff
other than school, self study and work.
Good luck with the summer of code, and cal poly!


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