[NBLUG/talk] Moving Mail services from one server to another

Walter Hansen gandalf at sonic.net
Thu May 4 18:54:54 PDT 2006

I'm moving mailservices from one to another as part of an upgrade from a
Mandrake 10 to Mandriva 2006 (sonic colo server).

On the old box I was using old style mailboxes in /var/spool/mail/ and a
cute little pop3 utility to serve them.

I'm sure the new server is set up for the distributed mailboxes.

I've only got a handful of users and would like to add spam filtering
"[SPAM]" at sometime if that's not a big deal.

Anyway any suggestions on how to do this. I'm thinking I should put both
mailservers in DNS, and have the users configure their programs to check
both servers, then remove the old server from DNS and once the old server
has no traffic remove it from the users configurations.

I'd rather not see droped mail in between.

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