[NBLUG/talk] Moving Mail services from one server to another

Chris Wagner chriswagner at amyskitchen.net
Mon May 8 10:50:14 PDT 2006

Personally, I use Courier for both IMAP and POP3.  It works and fairly
reliably, though I mostly use the IMAP functionality.

Last I checked, sendmail didn't have a POP3 component, but I ditched
sendmail about six years ago.

- Chris

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Chris Wagner wrote:
> Ahh, I see where the misunderstanding happened.  I implied using 
> multiple public IPs, but did not explicitly state as such.  No
> I'm glad to have our solutions corroborate. :)
> - Chris

Yes indeed there are multiple IPs, about 30 to be exact. I've moved over
most of the other services, but mail is a lower priority move and I
would like it to go smooth. It sounds like this should go well in the
manner that's been described here. I'll probably be doing just that in a
week or two.

Anybody know what the normal Mandrivia way to handle pop3 is? Qpoper
seems to be recommended. Sendmail was suggested, but that confused me as
I thought sendmail was just for receiving mail, not serving it up in a
pop3 manner.

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