[NBLUG/talk] Summer Internships in SV

Stephen Cilley hydro_mancer at yahoo.com
Wed May 10 23:05:36 PDT 2006

I realize this might be a bit outside of our
geography, but I'm moving down to San Jose in about a
month and I'm looking to get a job/internship in San
Jose or the south bay in general.  I'd like to work
full time over the summer, and then slightly reduced
hours during the school year.  I'll work on literally
anything tech/computer/sysadmin or other, and I'm
perfectly happy to be a coffee acquisitions manager
and/or professional gofer'.
Is there anybody on the list who works for a company
in that area/has a contact in the area who might be
looking for a 20 year old college student (SJSU
student in the fall) to do anything where he could
gain experience?

Thank you,
Stephen Cilley

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