[NBLUG/talk] Summer Internships in SV

Robert P. Thille rthille at rangat.org
Thu May 11 13:52:03 PDT 2006

Stephen Cilley wrote:
> I realize this might be a bit outside of our
> geography, but I'm moving down to San Jose in about a
> month and I'm looking to get a job/internship in San
> Jose or the south bay in general.  I'd like to work
> full time over the summer, and then slightly reduced
> hours during the school year.  I'll work on literally
> anything tech/computer/sysadmin or other, and I'm
> perfectly happy to be a coffee acquisitions manager
> and/or professional gofer'.
> Is there anybody on the list who works for a company
> in that area/has a contact in the area who might be
> looking for a 20 year old college student (SJSU
> student in the fall) to do anything where he could
> gain experience?

If you're a C programmer with Linux experience, we (Mirapoint, inc) 
might be interested.

Let me know and I'll talk to my boss.


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