[NBLUG/talk] How to upgrade MySQL 4 -> 5 on FC4

Dave Sisley dsisley at sonic.net
Thu May 18 13:21:42 PDT 2006

Walter Hansen wrote:

> This may be the total novice in me, but why not just uninstall the RPM 
> and install 5 from source. Offhand I don't remember it having unusual 
> dependencies, but I could be wrong.
I'm not really a novice anymore, but I would always prefer RPMs to 
building from source.  This usually helps me down the road in keeping 
track of dependencies. 

Anyway, I sort of half-way took your advice.  I decided to remove the 
mysql 4 packages and then install the mysql 5 (with a 'yum localinstal 
MySQL-5*').  Then I installed the groundwork-monitor-os rpm. 

It took me a couple of tries because I forgot to shutdown MySQL when I 
upgraded it, and I had to reset the root password for the new 
installation of MySQL.  I had to install Groundwork outside of  yum and 
use 'rpm -Uvh ...' instead because the install will actually set up some 
Nagios configurations, etc for you.  Doing it in yum didn't work because 
I couldn't see the output of rpm.  There was some error message that I 
had to deal with (sorry, forgot it already!) that showed up when I used rpm.

I have to play with it some more to make sure it was worth it, but it 
looks like I have Groundwork up and running, and it sure looks easier 
than setting up Nagios config files by hand!


Dave Sisley
dsisley at sonic.net

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