[NBLUG/talk] How to upgrade MySQL 4 -> 5 on FC4

Walter Hansen gandalf at sonic.net
Fri May 19 01:38:41 PDT 2006

Dave Sisley wrote:
> I'm not really a novice anymore, but I would always prefer RPMs to 
> building from source.  This usually helps me down the road in keeping 
> track of dependencies.
> Anyway, I sort of half-way took your advice.  I decided to remove the 
> mysql 4 packages and then install the mysql 5 (with a 'yum localinstal 
> MySQL-5*').  Then I installed the groundwork-monitor-os rpm.
> It took me a couple of tries because I forgot to shutdown MySQL when I 
> upgraded it, and I had to reset the root password for the new 
> installation of MySQL.  I had to install Groundwork outside of  yum and 
> use 'rpm -Uvh ...' instead because the install will actually set up some 
> Nagios configurations, etc for you.  Doing it in yum didn't work because 
> I couldn't see the output of rpm.  There was some error message that I 
> had to deal with (sorry, forgot it already!) that showed up when I used 
> rpm.
> I have to play with it some more to make sure it was worth it, but it 
> looks like I have Groundwork up and running, and it sure looks easier 
> than setting up Nagios config files by hand!
> -dave.

Cool. Sounds like I'm going to be sitting around someday saying things 
like, "in my day we had to install from soruce" or "remember when we had 
to compile the kernel". But yeah, I know what you mean about package 
managers, much better, but installing a couple key apps from source 
shouldn't be a huge deal.

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