[NBLUG/talk] Debugging Linux hangs...

Robert P. Thille list-nblug-talk at rangat.org
Mon Apr 23 15:48:10 PDT 2007

Kyle Rankin wrote:
> On Mon, Apr 23, 2007 at 03:19:43PM -0700, Robert P. Thille wrote:
> [ tale of woe deleted :-) ]
> Often problems like that can result from heating issues. Is the computer
> well-ventilated?

I considered that, but the air coming out of the back of the case is 
only warm on the power supply side.  The fans blowing air out the back 
over on the motherboard side of the case are blowing out cool air. 
Immediately after I noticed the crash last time I rebooted to the bios 
and the 'health page' of the bios showed reasonable values ~30C CPU, 
~40C 'system' (not sure where that's reading from).  Elsewhere in the 
bios, it's got settings for a thermal trigger at 100C!

Maybe the powersupply is getting too hot I guess...I suppose I can test 
it with a space heater :-)



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