[NBLUG/talk] Debugging Linux hangs...

Dean A. Roman droman at romansystems.com
Mon Apr 23 16:14:14 PDT 2007


If it's an overheat problem, you should see an entry in the bios log 
about the chip temperature.

Sounds more like a video card driver issue to me.  
Have you checked out the VIA download site(from http://viaembedded.com) 
to see if any of the drivers could help... 
Also, check out the VIA Arena forums site...  http://www.viaarena.com/ 
to ask questions specific to your board.

Does /var/log/messages tell you anything?


Robert P. Thille wrote:

>Kyle Rankin wrote:
>>On Mon, Apr 23, 2007 at 03:19:43PM -0700, Robert P. Thille wrote:
>>[ tale of woe deleted :-) ]
>>Often problems like that can result from heating issues. Is the computer
>I considered that, but the air coming out of the back of the case is 
>only warm on the power supply side.  The fans blowing air out the back 
>over on the motherboard side of the case are blowing out cool air. 
>Immediately after I noticed the crash last time I rebooted to the bios 
>and the 'health page' of the bios showed reasonable values ~30C CPU, 
>~40C 'system' (not sure where that's reading from).  Elsewhere in the 
>bios, it's got settings for a thermal trigger at 100C!
>Maybe the powersupply is getting too hot I guess...I suppose I can test 
>it with a space heater :-)

Dean A. Roman

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