[NBLUG/talk] Debugging Linux hangs...

Robert P. Thille list-nblug-talk at rangat.org
Mon Apr 23 17:32:22 PDT 2007

Dean A. Roman wrote:
> Robert,
> If it's an overheat problem, you should see an entry in the bios log 
> about the chip temperature.
Not sure where to find the bios logs... I guess I could run a continuous 
output command which logs the temps to another machine.  Not sure what 
that'd be on linux.

> Sounds more like a video card driver issue to me.  
Yeah, I was certain that going to init 3 and just using VNC for my 
graphics would solve the issue, but it was still dead after a couple of 

> Have you checked out the VIA download site(from http://viaembedded.com) 
> to see if any of the drivers could help... 
> http://www.via.com.tw/en/resources/download-center/

I went there to get the drivers and ended up here:

That helped with getting the full resolution support and recognition of 
the various features, but didn't seem to affect the hangs at all...

> Also, check out the VIA Arena forums site...  http://www.viaarena.com/ 
> to ask questions specific to your board.
I've searched there for anyone reporting anything like what I'm seeing, 
but didn't find anything.  I suppose I can try posting myself and see 
what replies I get.

> Does /var/log/messages tell you anything?
Nope, it's a hard-lockup with nothing recorded anywhere I can find.



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