[NBLUG/talk] New VDSL modem for Sonic

Glenn Kerbein glenn at spontaneousdancing.net
Tue Jul 7 17:54:04 PDT 2015


I am vaguely in the same boat.

I have their Fusion DSL service. When I got the service, I migrated from
AT&T to their (then new) service. They gave me a modem that I could
return, or they'd charge me for the modem to keep. I kept the modem, as
it was low-maintenance and worked on their service.

I now find out that, as with most legacy hardware, it is now obsolete
and riddled with potential security holes. I called Sonic for a
replacement to find they do not sell equipment, but simply lease it out.
So this posed a conundrum, as leasing is a financially ridiculous
poposition. The modem uses passwordless PPPoE, as do all of the Sonic
modems: so the search is (still) on for an adequate modem.

I posted here a while back about finding appropriate hardware and
software. Someone posted back saying that OpenWRT can be configured for
passwordless PPPoE. If you can find a decently priced modem with that
kind of technology, please let me know! :D

Hope this helps,

On 07/07/2015 04:37 PM, irish.masms wrote:
> So in my new place I can get VDSL service with Sonic - meaning all of my
> old DSL modems are not useable. They rent out the Pace 5168N models, but
> rather than having to pay the rental I would rather have my own. Not to
> mention it would be easier to swap out modem than reconfiguring all my
> tomato & DDWRT WiFi mesh network devices.
> Looking at the ZHone 6712-W1, around $75 on Newegg. Anyone have
> experience with this model on Sonic; or have a different suggestion?
> Tried searching on DSL Reports, but only finding really old postings
> about models to use. My Google-foo seems to be failing me as well.
> TIA!
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