[NBLUG/talk] New VDSL modem for Sonic

Kyle Rankin kyle at nblug.org
Tue Jul 7 18:47:02 PDT 2015

On Tue, Jul 07, 2015 at 04:37:31PM -0700, irish.masms wrote:
> So in my new place I can get VDSL service with Sonic - meaning all of my
> old DSL modems are not useable. They rent out the Pace 5168N models, but
> rather than having to pay the rental I would rather have my own. Not to
> mention it would be easier to swap out modem than reconfiguring all my
> tomato & DDWRT WiFi mesh network devices.
> Looking at the ZHone 6712-W1, around $75 on Newegg. Anyone have
> experience with this model on Sonic; or have a different suggestion?
> Tried searching on DSL Reports, but only finding really old postings
> about models to use. My Google-foo seems to be failing me as well.
> TIA!

If you look around on eBay you should be able to find a similar model for
around $30 or so, used. Granted it doesn't come configured with Sonic's
custom firmware but in theory it would work. Sonic used to host firmware so
it's possible you can track down their custom firmware and load it. They
may even be nice enough to send it to you if you ask (and if so, update the
list so I can use it too!)

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